CMM Capabilities
Furthering our commitment to quality and delivey we are fully equiped with a Coordinate Measuring Machine. This is our 3D device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of all our final products an solutions. This machine is both controlled by our expert operator and computer controlled. We utilize our CMM manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent.
CMM Advantage
  1. High precision and accuracy.
  2. Requires less labor thus reducing production cost.
  3. Accurate dimensions can be obtained just by knowing the coordinates and distance between the two reference points.
  4. Robustness against external force and error accumulation.
First Article Inspection - FAI
An industry standard which we adhere to is "First Article Inspection. The First Article Inspection is a design verification and design history file and a formal method of providing a reported measurement for a given manufacturing process. Both the manufacturer, Garry Machine and our valued customers perform the First Article on the ordered product. It is simply making sure of the complete analysis of the first item created in production to confirm correct setup and process configuration.
Commitment to Quality
Quality Assurance is handled by trained personnel who follow a set of strict procedures to check accuracy at various stages of production. Our expertise does not stop there. It expands into precision machining of small, medium and heavy components with the design and manufacture of custom machinery. Experienced trades people is one of our biggest assets. These are individuals who integrate well with our engineering department to ensure all products and solutions ofr our exclusive customers come out in pixel perfect fashion with the utmmost satifaction guaranteed.
CNC Machining | Fabrication
Custom Machinery, Rollers and more
Zenith of Craftsmanship
The companys’ services also includes cylindrical grinding and dynamic balancing. A fully equipped fabrication department is run by an experienced team of professionals to provide you with complete fabrication. A full management and sales team along with experienced technical personnel stands at your disposal for immediate response. The company has its own quality assurance department to make sure no job leaves the premises unless it fully complies with all specifications. Craftsmanship along with modern CNC machines and personal dedication gives you the assurance that your job is in good hands!